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Opportunities And Recruitment

Opportunities and recruitment

Take the next step in your career with us

We are always on the lookout for passionate people to join our Welhunt family.

Being a global company with the market across over 60 countries, we open a large range of career opportunities in business operation, finance, trading, logistics, human resources, ...

Besides, we offer graduate programs for the best young talents including Internship/ Trainee programs for last year students or fresh-graduates. These programs provide an opportunity for them to discover working life through a hands-on professional experience just after graduating from university.

Check out how the recruitment process works at our company

In most cases, our recruitment process follows the steps above. However, in some special cases, we apply a different structure - for example, for more senior positions, the assessment phase will be different from the others. You will of course always be informed about all steps of the recruitment process!

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