Life At Welhunt

Diversity & Inclusion

Be #yourbestself at work - We believe diversity and inclusion drives innovation

Our team is built of bright, talented and motivated people from all over the world with different backgrounds, personalities, insights and mindsets. And we recognize that it is an enormous competitive advantage for us to achieve many more amazing things in the near future.

Currently, our workforce includes 17 countries citizens from all over the world such as America (US, South Africa), Australia (Australia), Europe (UK, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands), Asia (China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Cambodia, Philippine, Malaysia, …). Our employees are ranged from a young 18 years-old free-thinker girl in Vietnam to a middle-age Muslim man in India or even an experienced 55’ Christian Trader in Australia. All of us have been working and coordinating effectively over continents to achieve the mutual goals of Welhunt’s development.

With a high spirit of teamwork, we treat all people fairly and equally from top-down to grassroots. We make time to pay particular attention to equal treatment and ensure equal access to work, training and promotion. We invest in training and development for diverse employees and offer a buddy-program for newcomers to foster closer connections and a better understanding of other cultures among individuals.

We always strive to build a workplace where our employees always feel valued and included.

We have Chartering Manager from Belgium joins us Singapore this year and Filipino joined our Documentation Team in Taiwan last year. Recently, we sent our commercial experts to Vietnam to support the local team to develop the emerging market. We rotated and mixed the team around the world to form new squads with the essential strengths that the office needs for the enhancement of company competitiveness.

Career development

Being a part of our team, you will have unlimited opportunities to:

  • Improve your skills within an area, proving yourself in different roles with the support of the colleagues and management team.
  • Expand your knowledge, increase the level of difficulty of the performed tasks through the oversea rotation program.
  • Develop your intercultural skills and improve your language skills when working in a multicultural environment.
  • Define clear goals of your career path with the company.

Work with young, entrepreneurial & creative people

When you join Welhunt, you will have a chance to network and build connections with a global team of colleagues who share your ambition to build a career that brings challenge and opportunity.

In spite of the diversity in the workplace, we are fully open-minded, honest, proactive, flexible when working with WHers colleagues around the world.

Have fun with WHers around the world

Being a part of our team, you will have unlimited opportunities to:

We have lots of bonding activities including sports, teambuilding, special occasions, annual events to create the connection and relationships among the employees.

Every year, we usually gather all employees around the world in Taiwan or Vietnam to meet up and cheer for the whole hard-working year by spending a few days with variety of team-building activities. On that special occasion, we feel we were reunited and we are one.

End of the year, we also hold an Annual Event to express our gratitude to our customers, partners and deeply appreciate our co-workers who are contributing to the present Welhunt. 

Global benefits

  • Competitive total rewards 
  • Health & wellness programs
  • Training & development
  • Rotations among offices 
  • Catered meals 
  • Inclusive and fun culture