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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

I am Kilin Tsai based in Kaohsiung Data team. I have a master’s degree from NCKU. I’ve been working in Welhunt for 3 years as a data scientist.

Working as a team builder at Welhunt is a fantastic opportunity. When the manager shared his thoughts with me during the interview, I knew immediately that Welhunt is the kind of workplace that every data scientist dreams of joining. Not only does Welhunt tackle some of the most challenging topics, but it also fosters an open-minded environment and offers support from every department. Our team has a flat organizational structure, which allows every member to freely express their thoughts and ideas. This helps the team grow and improve in the right direction. Personally, I believe that this self-optimizing process is one of the best qualities of our team and even of the entire Welhunt organization.





Why do you join us?

As a data scientist, I am constantly searching for an industry with a complex, quantifiable topic that is critical to the entire business model. By finding a company with these characteristics, I can harness the power of cutting-edge technology and make a significant impact. Welhunt is a company that meets all of these conditions. Not only does Welhunt possess the challenging and quantifiable topics I seek, but it also maintains an open-minded attitude towards adopting new technology. Additionally, it is a result-driven company that takes the time to discuss how to quantify every important metric. Considering all of these factors, I firmly believe that Welhunt is the ideal place for anyone skilled in working with numbers.

What is the most meaningful part of your job?

As a data scientist, I spend most of my time on projects such as gathering essential data, interpreting market trends through data analysis, and making predictions. As a data manager, my focus shifts to identifying the most promising directions and setting milestones with appropriate timelines for the entire team. It is also essential to ensure that each team member is well-cared for and has a carefully crafted career path. All of these tasks are personally meaningful to me, as they contribute to improving the company's profitability, keeping me up-to-date on the latest technologies, and ensuring that the entire team is growing in a positive direction.

How have you developed your skills through your time at Welhunt?

At Welhunt, we have the opportunity to learn and grow by collaborating not only with our own team but also with other teams. Within our team, we hold technology sharing committees to learn from one another. Across the teams, we gain valuable market knowledge, logical ways to interpret market trends, and other core concepts from other departments. In today's era of information explosion, learning anything is relatively inexpensive, and sometimes even free. Therefore, the extent to which we master new skills depends largely on how we choose to invest our time.

What makes you happiest at work?

Working in a place where quantifiable metrics and pure logic rule is quite comfortable. Knowing that we are getting closer every day to fully understanding the market trends is even better. It is a huge blessing to be able to make a profit from all the things we build.