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Indonesia Charity Fund

Throughout 2020, the world has been hit with a global pandemic best known as the Coronavirus or Covid-19, with the first case reported in December 2019 in Hubei, China. Since then, the disease rapidly circled the globe and has eventually affected every continent except Antarctica, causing millions of deaths and more in illnesses and economic despair. Many instances—workplaces, factories, restaurants, to name a few—were forced to adjust their operational procedure to minimize the outbreak. Malls, hotels, and entertainment places were shut down to prevent people from crowding in places. Flights were suspended. However, the one that was hit the hardest was humanity. People lose jobs, families starve, and volunteers die while caring for the patients.

Indonesia, particularly, has taken a massive impact on social, economic, and psychological aspects of life, especially for the nation’s most vulnerable communities.

17.5 million families are under threat of falling below the poverty line due to Covid-19. 25 million people in the informal sector are also at risk of being unemployed, with 8 million people at risk of being terminated from their employment.

As the pandemic brings about layered issues from different sectors, companies need to be flexible and plan their next steps accordingly. Beyond just helping the community, there is now a more urgent need to help Indonesia respond to the crisis. The economic impact, combined with the scarcity of the products, has made it difficult to deliver the necessary supplies to contain the Covid-19 spread, especially in the remote rural areas, as those are the places with the most urgent needs for protective gears.
In light of this unfortunate condition, as part of its corporate social responsibility, Wel-hunt has been participating in charity events to help ease the supplies shortage. Together with caring local individuals and companies, Wel-hunt has donated medical protective gear to deliver to hospitals and public clinics located in remote rural areas in Java island, with Wel-hunt supplying the face masks. The donations were made in various locations in Banten and West Java provinces on separate occasions.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to think differently about how we can help our community. This crisis has challenged us to embrace agility, flexibility, and innovation in our programs and shape them in unprecedented manners. Be it this pandemic or the next natural disaster, we must strive to act adaptively and seek ways to come out stronger together after the crisis.