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Flying Association

Flying Association takes care of disadvantaged children attentively, Practical caring companionship. They look forward to opening up more workstations, So that many remote children can benefit. This is the most effective action to help them.

Wel-hunt has supported them for several years, taking care of children who needs the maximum support, they have overcome many challenges and create many opportunities them. Flying Association provides after-school counselling and after-care services for disadvantaged children, Character life education, Community family care services and Full-day companion care during winter and summer.

They also teach children to raise their talent, this method has been established for more than ten years, starting from the original intention of companionship, then establishing an after-school care organization to spend the time after school with children from disadvantaged families and to discover the children’s need for interpersonal relationships and the potential of their personal talents. They also begin to notice the children’s interpersonal needs year after year.

So it started from preventing children’s work get fall behind from the others, the after-school care class has been established, and then developed character courses, talent classrooms, and career exploration, so as to take into account the whole-person development and stable growth of children. Now the association is positioning itself to be the children’s second home, to build a home with warmth, laughter, and shared adversity in a physical house. At the same time, from the perspective of a mere teacher, it turns to a parent’s heart. To accompany the child, not only pays attention to the child’s current problems and needs, but also puts the child’s future at the center of service. From schoolwork to character, talent to vocational exploration, exploration to practice, Flying has worked hard for the past ten years, and in the future, we will continue to catch these young birds who are eager to try and wait to be fed with knowledge, and accompany them to learn, grow, and explore until they are like an eagle spreading their wings.