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We continue to see energy coal as a major fuel to provide power and energy worldwide given its significant lower price compared to oil and gas and other forms of energy, especially, in developing countries.

With a trading volume over 18 million tons per annum across Asia seaborne markets, Welhunt strategy is well established under long term and sustainable businesses where we are focused on delivering excellence and sustainability.

We engage in physical asset and operation to support our coal trade and provide the most reliable and competitive supply to our clients. Our coal team is adopting an integrated commercial strategy that manages risk from a high level, across all business activities. We manage majority of our tonnages delivered under long term contracts with end users and under off-take agreements with our regular producers.

+ We source the product from:
- Australia
- Indonesia
- Russia
- Africa

+ Our cargo destinations are across pacific region:
- Vietnam
- Taiwan
- Philippines
- China
- India
- Other countries