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    Looking back at the past year, many major events have triggered unprecedented turbulence in global political, economic, and trade situations. Armed conflicts and geopolitical tensions between nations, such as the "Russia-Ukraine War," "Israel-Palestine Conflict," and "Red Sea Crisis," escalated global energy market prices to the largest fluctuations in nearly a decade and increased maritime risks.

    This has exacerbated inflation and the cost of living, prompting governments worldwide to adopt aggressive interest rate hike policies to curb inflation, consequently leading to a decline in commodity prices in general.

    At this juncture, affordable and stable energy is crucial for market supply-demand stability. However, we also observe frequent extreme weather events globally, prompting countries the urgency to have a more unified low-carbon transitions.

    Despite experiencing global unrest and turmoil during this period, Welhunt has remained steadfast in our beliefs in sustainable development and continuous progress. We have been more focused on our strategies, core values, and commitments to stakeholders. While exploring new market opportunities, we have also concentrated on strengthening company management and achieving performance growth, continuously assisting global clients in stabilizing their energy demands. We leverage our international bulk raw material trading platform to provide customers with more diverse possibilities and higher added value in the low-carbon transformation process.

    We believe in the equilibrium between sustainable development and continuity of good business. By incorporating the demand for low-carbon transformation into our business model, it becomes a key opportunity for us to climb the second peak. In 2023, Welhunt officially entered the international trade of bioenergy – Wood Pellets, offering customers another new choice for their energy needs and helping them achieve low-carbon energy transformation. At the same time, our deep cultivation in the voluntary carbon market has yielded many significant achievements. Not only that we completed the layout of the carbon credit value chain but also reached strategic cooperation agreements with important domestic and foreign partners on supply and demand, a series of signed memorandum of understanding and agreements, which represent two significant stages in cooperation respectively. The transformation of Welhunt’s role being a regional energy supply-demand solutions provider for our business partners has been elevated towards the process of low-carbon and carbon-neutral transformation.

    In addition to the diversification of international trade business, the management of greenhouse gas emissions is also an important issue for Welhunt. Besides continuously expanding the scope of GHG inventory, we are promoting carbon reduction plans. For two operational bases in Taiwan, we are planning short, medium, and long-term paths for the use of renewable energy.

    We are in negotiations with renewable energy power generators and sellers for long-term procurement, aiming to start using renewable energy in Q2 2024 and achieve our annual usage target.

    Therefore, we have made a public commitment to join the "Re 10*10" initiative initiated by Greenpeace Taiwan by the end of 2023, demonstrating our determination to reduce carbon emissions.

    As we look toward 2024 and beyond, we believe that Welhunt remains to be aligned to bring positive impacts to the world. On behalf of the Management Team, I would like to thank all stakeholders for their unwavering support throughout this year. In the era where business and social landscape is ever-changing, Welhunt will continue to leverage our presence in the international trade platform, continuously preparing better to address challenges in the future.

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For Welhunt, sustainability represents an opportunity rather than a constraint. That's why we consistently integrate sustainability into our business practices and strategies, continuously delivering shared value to our diverse stakeholders.