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Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk management is a fundamental component of corporate governance. Welhunt firmly believes that a company's profitability should primarily come from financial management rather than opportunistic gains.

The ability in risk management will determine a trader's competitiveness in international trade operations. Despite the recent global political and economic instability, as well as the dramatic fluctuations in commodity prices in recent years, Welhunt has continued to operate and grow steadily, indicating the effectiveness of our forward-looking and rigorous risk management system. By establishing clear internal control mechanisms, adhering to regulatory requirements set by authorities, and actively identifying, measuring, and responding to risks, Welhunt proactively manages various operational risks. This enhances Welhunt's resilience in facing risks and reduces the potential impact of risk-induced losses.

Business operations bear multiple risks and challenges. Here will cover five risk issues, respectively “financial risk”, “data protection and cybersecurity”, “geopolitical and regional conflict management“, “counterparties risk and credit risk” and “operational risk”. In addition, "climate opportunities and risks" will be described in the page of “Climate Change”.

Financial Risk Management
Data Protection and Cybersecurity
Geopolitical and Regional Conflict Management
Counterparties Risk and Credit Risk
Operational Risk