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Low-Carbon Transition

  • Environmental Commodities

    Welhunt has been actively involved in the operation of the international voluntary carbon market (VCM) for many years. We have interacted with various counterparties to understand the market mechanisms, connected the entire carbon credit value chain, and introduced it to Taiwan, contributing to the development of the carbon credit market in Taiwan. Welhunt aspires not only to be a buyer of carbon credits but also to leverage our mature international trade platform capabilities to act as a trader or a broker between buyers and sellers of carbon credits, creating new business opportunities for Welhunt.

  • ESG Investment

    Risk management is a fundamental component of corporate governance. Welhunt firmly believes that a company's profitability should primarily come from financial management rather than opportunistic gains. The ability in risk management will determine a trader's competitiveness in international trade operations. Despite the recent global political and economic instability, as well as the dramatic fluctuations in commodity prices in recent years, Welhunt has continued to operate and grow steadily, indicating the effectiveness of our forward-looking and rigorous risk management system.

  • Risk Management

    In recognition of the ethos of responsible investing, Welhunt invested NT$200 million at the beginning of 2023 in an ESG-oriented private equity fund with a focus on three main themes: recycling, sustainable consumption, and new materials. With ESG assessment tools developed by professional investors, including ESG ratings and questionnaires, the fund carefully selects companies from relevant industries that have positive ESG benefits and dividend distribution as investment targets.

  • Responsible Sourcing

    Welhunt supports local procurement and has established stable business relationships with local partners at each operating site and supported the development of local enterprises. In 2022, Welhunt's local procurement in Taiwan amounted to NT$41.56 million, which marked a significant difference compared to 2021. The primary reason behind this variance is due to the restructuring and realignment of our group's operations in 2022.