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Welhunt has been actively involved in the operation of the international voluntary carbon market (VCM) for many years. We have interacted with various counterparties to understand the market mechanisms, connected the entire carbon credit value chain, and introduced it to Taiwan, contributing to the development of the carbon credit market in Taiwan. Welhunt aspires not only to be a buyer of carbon credits but also to leverage our mature international trade platform capabilities to act as a trader or a broker between buyers and sellers of carbon credits, creating new business opportunities for Welhunt.

In late 2021, Welhunt proudly assumed the role of a founding member in Climate Impact X (CIX), a voluntary cross-border carbon credit trading platform jointly established by esteemed entities like the Singapore Exchange, Temasek Holdings Private Limited, DBS Group, and Standard Chartered. In 2024, Welhunt has been officially recognized as a carbon credit supplier by the Taiwan Carbon Exchange (TCX), providing the Taiwanese market with high-quality NBS Removal carbon credits.

Through years of effort, we have established partnerships with diversified and renowned strategic partners in the carbon credits sector, resulting in our wide spectrum of carbon credit supply sources, and successfully assisting clients to achieve their carbon neutral goal.

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