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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

Welhunt is headquartered in Taiwan, making it the country with the highest proportion of full-time employees among the Company's global sites, accounting for 65.14% of the Group's total full-time workforce. Following Taiwan, Indonesia has the second highest proportion of full-time employees at 14.68%, followed by Singapore at 11.93%, and China at 8.26%.

The male-to-female ratio among full-time employees is nearly balanced. Although there could be a minor variation at our international branches due to specific job demands and local employment markets, we proactively oversee the ratio to ensure equilibrium. In terms of the gender pay ratio, our salary adjustments are determined based on factors such as employees' educational and professional backgrounds, prevailing market conditions, and specific job functions. Under all circumstances with similar conditions, we strictly adhere to the principle of equal pay for equal work.

Within our Singapore and China subsidiaries, the majority of our full-time employees are traders in the sales team, with a higher proportion of males. Furthermore, the year 2022 witnessed a more pronounced increase in salary adjustments for our business team due to the heightened global dependence on energy stability. These two factors combined have resulted in a discrepancy in the male-female salary ratio within our Singapore and China subsidiaries.

In the coal trading industry, male traders dominate due to various factors, including the industry's nature and gender role norms. However, as society progresses and values evolve, we are increasingly working towards achieving gender equality and embracing diversity. This commitment translates into creating greater opportunities and possibilities for women in this field.

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Global Reach

In accordance with our strategy for expanding overseas, we have established a diverse team of professionals as a multinational company. We have also implemented remote work and flexible working hours, which align with current trends in the modern workplace. These measures enable us to meet the demands of the global workforce and attract exceptional talent from around the globe. We have successfully recruited exceptional talent from 12 different countries within the regions covered in this chapter of the report (Taiwan, Singapore, China, and Indonesia).

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