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Green operations

Welhunt operates in the international trade industry, with subsidiary offices in Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, China, and other locations.

These offices are administrative in nature and do not involve any manufacturing processes or production equipment.

As a result, Welhunt's energy usage primarily consists of office electricity consumption and fuel for company vehicles. Additionally, a small amount of natural gas is used due to the daily cooking of lunch for employees at the Kaohsiung office cafeteria.

To achieve greater energy efficiency, we've initiated the following measures:

Green Operations
Energy Management Performance
GHG Inventory Certificate
GHG Emissions Overview

1. The scope of this inventory includes Taiwan's operating locations and the subsidiaries in Singapore, Indonesia, and China.
2. Taiwan's electricity emission coefficient was based on the Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Energy's figure of 0.495 kg CO2e/kWh for 2022. Singapore's coefficient is based on 0.4057 kg CO2e/kWh for 2021 as per the Singapore Energy Market Authority. Indonesia‘s coefficient is based on 0.7848 kg CO2e / kWh for 2021 as per the Climate Transparency Report (2022). China’s coefficient is based on 0.5839 kg CO2e/kWh for 2021 as per the Guidelines for Accounting and Reporting Greenhouse Gas - Power Generation Facilities.
3. The global warming potential (GWP) was based on the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report (2021).
4. Greenhouse gas inventories are compiled using the Operational Control Act.
5. According to WBCSD's Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Accounting and Reporting Standard, Categories 1 and 2 are required disclosures and Categories 3-6 are optional disclosures.
6. Other self-defined coefficients refer to the latest data from the EPA’s product carbon footprint calculation platform.